Inulin Powder fibre prebiotic FOS | 200g | Chicory root natural


What is Inulin Power?

Inulin is a soluble food fiber, an amazing food nutrient found in foods with eat. It is used to promote digestive health and boost the good bacteria in the gut for the body to assume its vibrant role of vitality and self-defense. Why Inulin? When the body can protect itself against intruding bacteria, the person is guaranteed a healthy living. The inability of the body to defend itself makes it vulnerable to series of microbial attacks that with time renders is unable to carry on normal life functions. The inulin power’s major role is to revitalize the body through invigorating friendly bacteria and free the body of toxic free radicals rendering it defenseless. How inulin is derived Chicory root is the chief source of inulin powder. That means inulin is a plant-based carbohydrate that provides immense benefits to the human digestive system. The root extract comes in many products, and there is the likelihood you have been eating inulin if you have a penchant for eating high fiber or gluten-free snacks. Inulin is naturally present in some vegetables including the chicory root where most inulin dietary grade is extracted. Due to fibers character of not digested in the small intestine until it gets to the colon, it provides fodder for the bacteria in the human gut to revitalize and as well contributes to the larger percentage of human stool. How does inulin work? You will come across different types of inulin powder sold as a dietary supplement in the market chiefly derived from chicory root. The role of inulin in the plants that contain it is to regulate the plant’s internal temperature and store its energy needs. It contains osmotically active ingredients which help the plant resist cold temperature and boost its survival. It also gives the plant the ability to absorb a high quantity of liquid and provides it with natural resistance to human generated enzymes.


Inulin 90% Glucose, Fructose 10%.

Lowers metabolic syndrome risk factors and increases heart health. The way inulin powder works when eaten is that it passes through the small intestine undigested. As it passes through it packs with it the fat, toxic materials and wastes in the small intestine into the colon where the healthy bacteria can deal with them.

People desiring to lose weight have frequently been advised to eat food rich in dietary fiber to reduce the urge to eat more. A little inulin powder intake will in the presence of water bulk up in no time to fill the surrounding areas in the colon. This reduces the urge for more food. When the body feels satisfied and can metabolize normally, it promotes weight loss and restores vibrant health.

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