Handmade Bamboo Matcha green tea powder Whisk


A bamboo matcha tea whisk (which is called a “chasen” in Japan) is a very important utensil for making matcha tea. It is the recommended utensil to thoroughly mix matcha with warm water to make smooth and frothy matcha tea. The bamboo matcha tea whisk has been used in matcha tea preparation in Japan and China for centuries and is still very widely used today.




  • Matcha whisk 120 prongs – carefully carved by skilled craftsmen from a single piece of bamboo.
  • The higher the number of prongs, the better the whisk. Matcha Whisk with a higher number of prongs are (1) better at mixing matcha and warm water and (2) produce a finer foam on the surface of the matcha tea than whisks with fewer prongs.
  • High quality
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