Matcha Powder for your skin care

When we are thinking about us our physical appearance taking care of our skin makes a higher priority of our to-do list. We are thinking about our education , mentality , wealth , future and lots of things that make us happy and consistence on our life. So what can we do for make those things in our life. Basically we all know for the education we need to get a higher education, a degree or vocational qualifications that leads us to achieve a good mentality and enough wealth. But did you think about how to boost your expectations or have you ever googled for how to boost my brain power, how to make my skin perfect in few days or how to glow like a Hollywood actress or actor .I don’t know about your searching but definitely you will. When we come around brain and our skin there’s a direct connection between them . Because if your brain works in a healthy way you will definitely feel “yeah I am good”.T hat’s because brain is our Control Unit. If you maintain your brain then no need to think about your skin care thoroughly. So your next question will be what can I do for maintain my brain.It’s not a simple task, you need to concern about foods that you take such as nutritional value , how it effects to brain and absorb rate of nutrition that contains in certain foods. Most important thing is how it effect for our physical appearance mostly to our skin.But if you think more widely,some beverages can make everything you think of . Functions such as regulate hormones, adding anti-oxidants to body , boosts metabolism and burns calories etc.. .So if those functions are going in a good way then you don’t need to worry about your outer appearance.

Okay let’s see what kind of beverages will fulfil your necessities to build your outer appearance great and make you skin glowing. There are lots of beverages all around the world such as coffee, tea and some juices are in the top of beverages. Among those beverages Tea is the #1 beverage as most people think. But think how tea involve with our skin or what can tea do with taking care of our skin and help to build a good outer appearance. Answer is yes it can take care of our skin and it does various kind of effects regarding outer appearance building such as emotion control, stimulation of body, hormone regulations etc… But there are different kind of tea types that cause different types of effects to our body and brain functions. Normally all of us know Tea is a great beverage to increase caffeine levels in our body and it helps to increase our concentration, focus and consistence of our work. But if you are concerning about more than caffeine and concentration you need to have more than tea. So if you are searching more than ordinary tea you have to go for Matcha tea. Actually matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. It is special in two aspects of farming and processing .
Matcha contains more anti-oxidants and various nutrients:


Nutrient per 1g MATCHA
Total Catechins 105mg
EGCg 61mg
Total Amino Acids 34mg
L-theanine 14.26mg
Caffeine 35mg
Fiber 318mg
Carbs 447mg
Vitamin C 1.75mg
Vitamin A 291 units
Potassium 26.6 mg
Calories 3

By the way our main topic is how matcha helps for maintaining our skin. So as I mentioned above different nutrients cause different effects on our body. So according to the chart shown above Matcha tea contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and anit-oxidant can make your skin healthier than any substance.
How matcha help human skin care

Actually match is not just a beverage .It has also a beauty cultural value. Having matcha as a beverage and applying matcha physically make sense in our skin care. Normally by using matcha as a beverage it gives us more antioxidant than normal tea or other beverages. Antioxidant contains in matcha is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) helps us to prevent skin cancers and reduce damage occurs due to sun light. Also involving in quick recovery of damaged skin cells around wounds. Vitamin A and Vitamin C consists in matcha also doing a great job to our skin by protecting us from damages cause dangerous UV expose, encourages healthy skin protection by enhancing cell production and growth, protect your skin from infections, shielding skin from the visible impacts of pollution, significantly improving hydration, and keeping your skin looking younger, longer . This is all about benefits that taking matcha as a beverage. Did you think that matcha can use externally or directly apply on to your skin. Yes you can and it gives you more enhanced results than internal usage. Actually, matcha can use as a scrub, cleanser, serum or as a mask to clean up your skin. Different methods brought you different effects over your skin.

Using matcha as a scrub is a great thing instead of using chemical scrubs. Because unlike other scrubs matcha green tea scrub suits with every type of skin and it will not harm to single of your skin cells. Using matcha as facial scrub can make your skin feel beautiful, youthful, soft, and like it’s glowing. Unlike a regular soap or cleanser, matcha scrub uses small particles, beads, or chemicals to get rid of the old skin cells and make way for new ones in a process known as exfoliation. Matcha also have effective anti-inflammatory property. Also you can use match as a mask with mixing honey. After using that mask it will give you a smooth, nourishing and glowing skin. Regular usage of this mask will build up the moisturizer in human skin and gives more antioxidants to the skin. Using matcha regularly will diminishes the sign of aging and protects skin from wrinkles. Matcha serum also a best choice for maintain your skin care. Matcha serum contains chlorophyll (a chemical that supports to make green color of the tea leaves) also helps to release heavy metals and chemical toxins from the skin. This serum is made from the youngest, tender leaves, which contain the highest levels of amino acids. You can use this serum to cleanse out your skin before applying any cream on your face as this serum make your skin super clean.

As a summary matcha green tea is the best choice to maintain your skin care rather than moving to a cheap artificial skin care products. Because using match will enhance your brain functions by providing more valuable antioxidants , vitamins and minerals also involving with protecting your skin care while cheap artificial cosmetic products giving you a temporary satisfaction only for your skin.

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