Low carb diet benefits and (top 5 advanitiges)

Low carb diet

Increasingly, many people in modern society today are becoming aware that we are what we eat. Whatever goes into the mouth didn’t come out as food anymore but changed into nutrients that impact our body in different ways.

The increase in food knowledge is the reason many people are on diets these days, and the trend continues. One of the food consciousnesses being witnessed in recent times is the idea of low carb diet. What does this mean?


low carbs


What is a low carb diet?

The limiting of consumption of carbohydrates like those found in starchy foods, grains, and fruits, while the emphasis is placed on consuming high protein and fat as primary sources of food to be consumed. In which case, the ratio of carbohydrates in a giving diet is reduced to the barest minimum while the focus is placed on protein and fat.


Don’t get it confused; you may have heard of keto diets where the emphasis is on protein and fat. The idea of low carb diet is not to stop consuming carb entirely but to cut down on its consumption in every diet to serve a prescribed healthy food purpose. And you may want to ask why cutting down on carbohydrate when in fact in most places, carbohydrates are in the majority?


low carbohydrates


Purpose of low carb diet

The most time you hear about low carb diet is when discussing weight loss or in a situation of a certain type of ailment such as diabetics. For weight loss and managing diabetic’s condition, a low carb diet is prescribed for people to take control of their health. People living with diabetes are at risk of metabolic syndrome in a situation where the body metabolism suffers a reduction in performance leading to a host of other health issues including contributing to weight gain and obesity.


Essentially, cutting down on carb intake reduces the calorie intake of people observing low carb diet, and this means an automatic reduction in weight gain and improvement in overall well-being.



Types of carb

Low carb diets are divided into two categories including Simple Carbs and Complex Carbs. Their classification is based on their absorption level by the body. You need to understand the two types of carbs to know which one to look for when building your low carb recipe for your family. I think when you have limited option, you need to know what item to pick to make up for the little allowance of carb you have got in your diet.


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Simple carbs: Simple carbs are also known as sugar that gets absorbed faster by the body to produce a burst of energy quickly. Examples of simple carbs are the many nutritious fruits, and dairy products and grains we come across every day. However, we need to be careful because when these foods are not consumed whole, eating them in their processed nature is often not advised as many would have included the addition of sugar that brings not nutritional value to the food.


Complex carbs: Complex carbs are healthy and good carbs that their nutrients take the time to digest. They do not cause energy burst like the simple carbs and are known to provide sustained energy without upsetting your blood sugar balance in a short drive. This category of carbs is good sources of dietary fiber, and these are heart-healthy nutrients people need to consume more. They help in digestion and bowel movement. Complex carbs include whole grains, carrots, avocado pear, broccoli, chickpeas, and much more.


Low carb doesn’t mean the complete eradication of carbs in your diet but a limit to some carbs you can eat at a giving time. Complying with the suggestion to reduce your carb intake comes with significant benefits.


low carb diet


Advantages of low carb diet

  1. It suppresses hunger for food. Frequent desire leads to uncontrolled consumption of foods and when hunger strikes, we often careless about what we eat as the urge to satisfy the hunger are prominent. But a low carb diet helps to suppress appetite allowing you to take your time to choose well in the choice of the food you eat. When you are on low carb diet, your cravings reduce and so is your appetite for food.

2. Weight loss achievement. Many who have failed to achieve their weight loss plan is due in most part to the continued intake of high carb diets. Low carb diet helps to lose weight fast helping you to cut down on excess body weight and have that athletic body you have always wanted. Remember, low carb diet also means going low on fat foods, and this means a significant drop in your calorie intake and maintaining proper calories for your every day need.

3. Helps to defeat belly fat. The body is designed to convert body fat into energy to keep going even without food. Since low carb diets mean not building additional fats in your body, the current store of your body fat will be depleted as it’s converted to energy. As your body continues to burn the fat in your system, your belly fat will soon find better usefulness as gas for energy other than constituting a disturbance in your stomach.

benefits of low carb diet

4. Helps people with diabetes stay in control of blood sugar and insulin levels. Nothing is more worrisome for people living with diabetes than the inability to control their sugar and insulin levels. With a low carb diet, not experiencing a sugar burst means a reduced degree of sugar in the blood and ultimately keeping the insulin levels also in check. Thus, low carb ensures there is no spike in blood sugar level, and the low ebb insulin function can manage to cope with what it’s getting to keep the body in balance. The available study shows low carb diet helps to improve insulin resistance and reduces excessive insulin production thereby helping the body stay healthy.

5. It reduces high blood pressure. Anyone with high blood pressure is at risk of various diseases including heart disease, stroke, kidney and liver problems and heart attack but a low carb diet helps to prevent these. Low carb diets are proven to reduce HBP; it ultimately reduces your risk of contracting these diseases if you keep to your low carb diet.


Low carb diet for the whole family will not only promote good health but will improve your family financial well-being as well. A healthy body spends less on medicals and health expenses are the bane of financial crises for most families. Think health today and think low car

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