Health Benefits of 5-HTP Capsules

Health Benefits of 5-HTP Capsules

The first Dalai Lama once said that happiness is not ready-made and he was onto something. But what the Tibetan philosopher and spiritual leader you might have missed out on is that with modern-day technology and advanced science studies happiness can actually be tweaked. Yes, there might be some truth to all the hype going around on the internet around this bliss capsules that package happiness. But don't take your credit card out just yet, they might be overselling it a little bit. So let's check what you know!

 What is 5 -HTP? 

There is a very long and science name abbreviated by 5-HTP but for now, let's just call it oxitriptan. So oxitriptan is a naturally occurring amino acid which is the chemical precursor in the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. We don't want to get all scientific or you can pretend to be biochemists but serotonin we have all heard about. Serotonin is this chemical substance that your brain uses to control a number of functions such as mood cognition happiness learning memory vomiting vasoconstriction among other physiological processes. 

Most of the 5-HTP products that you will find online are not naturally synthesized but actually manufactured from the building blocks of the protein L-tryptophan all commercially sentences from The seeds of an African plant called Griffonia simplicifolia. Because of these products claim that the potency of the 5-HTP produce from the plant is just as good as a naturally synthesized compound in the body and has benefits 4 many disorders related to sleep depression anxiety among many others.

What is 5-HTP used for?

Our brain is perhaps the most vital organ that sits at the centre of life itself and most importantly controls the nervous system which is how we feel. If you have some time start critically about how your brain works then you know that it can sometimes play tricks on you. It is the brain that tells you when you're hungry tired sick, happy or sad. He does so by producing some chemical substances and electrical signals I used to pass the information down to your rest of body.

Science has it through recent and past studies that sleep disorders such as insomnia depression anxiety among others are interrelated with other simple functions like appetite temperature sexual behaviour and pains and sensation. You simply cannot have one or the other as they are interrelated and all depend on the production of this vital neurotransmitter. As such 5-HTP has been used as a treatment for diseases where serotonin is thought to play an important role. It explains why you will find doctors and medical practitioners recommending top 5 HTP products as an alternative medicine for diseases that people previously thought could not be treated.

Here is a list of some conditions and diseases that this substance may actually be beneficial for;

  • insomnia 
  • depression
  • anxiety 
  • lack of appetite 
  • chronic pain
  • obesity 

How does it work?

We have mentioned before that 5-HTP works by stimulating the production of serotonin in the brain. It directly affects the nervous system which in turn controls key functions and physiological processes such as sleep appetite and pain sensation. There is a lot of underlying science and connections that are yet to be established and as is the case with every new discovery clinical tests have to take a really long time spanning decades before conclusions are made as to whether the treatment is beneficial for health medically speaking. Which makes you wonder if 5-HTP is at all safe for human consumption.

 Is 5-HTP safe?

Is still marketed as a herbal supplement because the food and drug administration (FDA) as not yet approved its use as a medical treatment. As such we are forced to stick to 5-HTP is "possibly safe". We all want answers and assurances but the fact of the matter is the answers were seek and not always available. As with every other wonder product out there you will find some grain of Truth and anecdotal evidence of people who have gotten wonderful results and yet another bunch who get no results or negative effects. This product has been safely used in dosages of up to 400 milligrams for prolonged periods of time spanning over a year.  The anecdotal evidence indicates a tremendous improvement for conditions that are otherwise untreatable with Western medicine. Here are some benefits that have been linked with the use of 5-HTP.


Helps with weight loss 

Weight loss is the function of the mind even more than muscle. This substance has been known to increase the feeling of fullness which causes you to eat less and in turn lose weight. The reason why it's so hard for some people to lose weight it's because in all of our weight loss can increase the production of The hunger hormones giving us a feedback loop from hell which makes losing weight impossible in the long run. A study involving 20 diabetic individuals show that close who ingested 5-HTP what taking approximately 500 fewer calories per day compared to those who took a placebo substance.

 Helps with depression

The causes of depression are mostly unknown but there are a strong debate and the scientific community that it all has to do with serotonin imbalance. 5-HTP supplement doses majestic the scales in the patient's favour.

Reduces migraine frequency

Migraines are throbbing painful headaches they're often come with nausea and disturbed vision. Again the exact cause of this is a nice tree for the scientific leadership to solve what connections are being made of migrants in some individuals and low serotonin levels. This is one treatment for which 5-HTP use has really gained momentum because it was found to prevent at least 71% of migraines.

Better sleep with melatonin 

Sleep is another important function of the brain which can influence many other aspects of our health and lifestyle. It is controlled by the chemical melatonin which is an iteration of serotonin. Therefore using 5-HTP supplements could increase your serotonin levels hence stimulating melatonin production leading to better sleep.

The bottom line

5-HTP is an important Discovery for science and medicine is an amino acid precursor to serotonin and is currently under investigation as a potential treatment for serious conditions such as depression insomnia and chronic pain. A lot remains unknown but small clinical studies I found remarkable success of 5-HTP for anxiety appetite control migraines disrupted sleep fibromyalgia among other serious illnesses. It is easily absorbed into the bloodstream from the gut and is mostly safe when used under the guidance of a medical practitioner. Do consult your physician before using any supplements with your current medication and medical history.