17 healthy and easy ways to lose weight

Been overweight, having to lose weight without going nuts is one of the greatest things one can achieve. While weight loss may seem an impossible task for some who don’t know-how, this article will show you 17 healthy ways to lose weight without going nuts. Take the time to carefully go through our healthy ways to lose weight with fun, below.

1. Eat breakfast. You know I had a friend that is obese and wanted to lose weight, so she never took breakfast, when she told me about it, and I thought it was a nice way of losing weight, but after several types of research, I got to know that it’s a terrible way.

When you skip breakfast, you starve which is not a healthy way to lose weight. When you skip breakfast, your body conserves energy by increasing your insulin response and slowing down its metabolism.

According to a dietitian Holley Grainger, he recommends eating at least little fibre and protein, like a green smoothie, a yoghurt parfait and so on.

2. Stop eating heavy meals at dinner. If you are fond of taking heavy meals like dinner, STOP IT! The body digests food slower in the night than any other part of the day. Research shows that people who eat heavy meals in the day lose weight than people who eat heavy meals in the night.

3. Say bye to soda and other sugar-sweetened drink. To lose weight fast and healthy, you need to close your eyes to soda and sugar-sweetened beverages. Take water it helps. 

4. Stop taking salty snacks. You must have heard that salt makes you fat; you might be thinking it’s just a myth, but welcome to the real world honey, it’s not! Salty snacks make you bloated and also keeps you craving for it “I want more!” kind of thing. If you want to lose weight, go for fewer chips and pretzels, instead, go for hydrating cucumbers dipped in guacamole or hummus or go for a snack on carrot sticks.

5. It's called beauty sleep for a reason; oh you think it’s called beauty sleep for nothing, no! You need sleep if you are going to embark on the weight loss journey. When you don’t get enough sleep, the hormones that keep your appetite in check gets all cranky; you are left alone with hormones that tell you to eat hmm! Now you eat way more than your body needs, and you start adding more weight in no time.

6. Take lots and lots of water. Water should be your best friend now. Water helps a lot in weight loss.

Drinking water often can help you burn more calories. So I’d advise you to replace water with other beverages high in sugar and calories.

7. Take coffee unsweetened. You must have heard that coffee is good for weight loss, yeah I know. Taking coffee can increase the calories you burn. Black coffee is excellent for weight loss as it contains almost no calories. Wow! This is cool; taking caffeinated coffee help boosts your metabolism and reduces the chances of you having type-2 diabetes.

8. Take green tea. Taking green tea especially unsweetened helps to lose weight. However, Matcha green tea is a powdered green tea that has more health benefits than ordinary tea.

9. Go slowly. Eating too fast might allow you eat too many calories before your get full. When you eat slowly, you have the chance of losing weight quicker than those who eat fast.

10. Eggs are good for you. Eggs are the best weight loss food. They are low in calories, contains lots of proteins and lots of other nutrients. Eating eggs for breakfast helps in reducing weights.

11. Brush your teeth after each meal. I know this sounds funny, but it’s true. When you brush your teeth after each meal, it helps curbs the desire to eat more or grab a snack, which in turns helps you lose weight.

12. Change your lifestyle. Sometimes been overweight is as a result of our way of life. Changing your lifestyle the positive way would mean doing lots of things the right way which would help in weight loss. Not just that you will become healthier, fitter and happier.

13. Get to work. Exercise! 30-60 minutes of exercise each day would help you lose weight, sometimes you can take a day off. Continue your activities, and you will see changes. You will thank me someday! 

14. Try coconut oil. It’s time to leave those fat containing oil and go for coconut oil. Coconut oil contains fat called medium-chain triglycerides, which are metabolized differently compared to other fats. Coconut oil is splendid in reducing those harmful belly fats. So it would be nice if you would forget the fat containing oil and start using coconut oils which aid in weight loss.

15. Eat more fiber. It’s well known that fibre-rich foods help in weight loss. Foods that contain water soluble fiber should not be taken lightly as the water soluble fiber helps you get full fast, leaving you with less urge to consume more. Fiber can feed the healthy gut bacteria. These bacteria have been proven to been linked with a reduced chance of obesity. 

16. Cardio baby. Doing cardio can help improve both your physical and mental state. You can try jogging, hiking, running or cycling. It is also an excellent way to lose weight. Cardio also helps improve many factors that are associated with heart diseases. It also contributes to reducing the belly fat that builds up around your organ which is dangerous.

17. Be mindful of what you eat. Not everything eatable is right for you. So be watchful of what you consume. Developing food consciousness can help you lose weight fast and also keeps you fit and healthy.

Conclusion: I am sure if you apply all these 17 steps, you will not only lose weight but live healthily and happily. Give it a try to see how fun losing weight could be.