What is a pre-workout supplement? Does it help to boost energy and performance? What are the expected side effects? What are the best natural alternatives?

If you want something for extra energy and nutritional benefits, you might be thinking of pre-workout supplements. These supplements offer immediate benefits. However, they are NOT free from side effects.

Pre-workout side effects can be severe. They can increase the risk of brain bleeding and heart attack. They can cause death if you do not follow the instructions accurately. Most pre-workout supplements contain DMBA. This substance is similar to the DMAA that is banned by the FDA. You need to avoid it at all costs.

Why Should You Avoid Pre-workout?

These supplements cause overstimulation that can affect your nervous system. As a result, you will get a tingly and shaky sensation that will not certainly help you to boost your workout sessions. Also, it increases your heart rate and causes severe heart complication if you have a pre-existing heart condition. Dehydration is another side effect. These supplements will act a diuretic causing dehydration. Some other side effects stomach issues, headache, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

What Is The Best Alternative?

Instead of taking pre-workout, you can consider pre-workout natural supplements. These alternatives will offer the expected benefits without causing any side effects. You can get the required energy and strength without harming your body in any manner. Here is the list of the best natural alternatives.

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• Power Smoothies

You can prepare your power smoothies at your home with your favourite fruits and vegetables. All you need for this is a blender and fruits and vegetable. Consider adding greens to maximize the benefits. Smoothies can help you to build muscles, increase energy, lose weight, and boost your overall health. A nutrient-packed smoothie can be very effective for nourishment.

Matcha Powder

Matcha powder or matcha green tea can be a great natural workout alternative. Matcha green tea has caffeine that can offer the required stimulation and energy. However, you will not experience any side effects such as jittering and tingling. The key benefit is a mindfully energised state in place of the stimulant-induced hyperactivity. This type of mindset can be best for enhanced focus and strength training. It will offer a balanced mental state important for a workout session.

• Spirulina

If you are looking for a natural alternative that is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and B-vitamins, you should think of buying spirulina. This is a form of blue-green algae. Spriluna is a natural and safe alternative that can meet all your nutrient requirements without causing any harmful side effects. Spirulina is available both in the powder and capsule form.

• Chlorella

Chlorella is a popular green alga rich in nutrients. It contains minerals, vitamins, and protein. You can use either powder or capsule depending on your preference. This nutritional powerhouse can boost your energy and support rigorous workouts.


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• Kombucha

Kombucha is another type of fermented tea. It is loaded with antioxidants and probiotics and can work as an energy booster for a long time. As it is a natural alternative, you will not experience any side effect and will feel active and energetic during rigorous sessions.

• Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is popular for its health beneficial properties. It contains a lot of iron important for muscle building and a healthy organism. Also, it is high in dietary nitrate that can help to minimize the risk of blood pressure while boosting performance. You can boil beetroot and make its juice in a juicer. Add a few drops of lemon to get a pleasant state.

• Coconut Water

Coconut water will keep you hydrated and refreshed during workout sessions. Also, it will replenish electrolytes that you lose while practising workouts. Coconut water is low in calorie and can be the best alternative for energy drinks and pre-workouts.

• Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes, you can make an energy drink with honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon, and warm water. This drink is packed with multivitamins and can keep you going for a long. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, probiotics, and antioxidants and can be taken daily.

All these are natural alternatives to pre-workouts. Some might be more effective than others depending on your body. While taking any of these alternatives, make sure that you are not allergic to ingredients. If any of the natural alternatives suits you well, you can take it on a daily basis.