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We’re all about wellbeing

NutriExtracts is a retailer of premium quality Matcha Green Tea Powder and Supplements that is nutrition-rich and healthy. We provide a variety of products such as Macha Green Tea, Inulin Powder. NutriExtracts is built for the purpose of helping people improve their lives by enhancing their diet and health. At the end of the day, we’re all about well-being.

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Our Story

NutriExtracts began with a love for staying healthy and a passion for helping others stay healthy. When the founder of NutriExtracts started researching healthy and natural products that boost your physical and mental wellbeing, he found that extracted forms of natural plants, herbs and superfoods proved to be an ideal solution to attaining good health. However, such products were either unavailable commonly in the market or came at a high price. This sparked the idea of sourcing top quality herbs, plants, and superfoods in powder form and selling them at amazing prices – and thus, NutriExtracts was established. From all over the world, NutriExtracts sources the best of suppliers and producers to bring to you premium quality products you can trust. By having direct contact with our sources, we are able to reduce the cost of middlemen and hence, bring our products to you at great prices.

Our Vision

Our vision with NutriExtracts is to make our amazing products so easily accessible to people that attaining and maintaining good health becomes easier. We understand many people find it difficult to adopt a healthier lifestyle because they don’t have resources readily available but with us around, good health becomes much easier to attain. Since our products are focused on nutrition, we are targeting the direct source of your health: your diet. With better diet comes better functionality, better moods, better energy, and a better life. This is what we promise and what we strive for.

Why to Choose Us

We give you plenty of reasons to choose NutriExtracts as your favorite herb and superfoods supplier:
Trusted Retailer: From the quality of our products to the exceptional standard service we provide, everything works to make us a retailer you can trust. We truly value our customers and their good health, striving to become their favorite source of nutrition-rich products!
Reputable Suppliers & Direct Sourcing: We only obtain our products or ingredients from suppliers, producers, and farmers who are reputable and known for their quality produce. Additionally, we establish direct relations with them so there is no chance of compromising on quality.
Amazing Prices: From direct sourcing to supplying online, NutriExtracts is optimized for the cost. We believe in selling our goods at amazing prices so we can make good health more accessible than ever.

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